The digital age has profoundly changed the way of how we produce, share, and use information. Designers of information, traditional intermediaries between editors and readers, have to establish a new balance for both sides. To this end, my task is to simplify the complicated information that easily misleads readers by using information visualization.
EXPO Atlas  «Medium Weltausstellung»
198 pages, 155 x 240 mm, 2008
Gigantic amounts of information created by World Expos were exposed to the public through data visualization. In this book,  the technical innovations and the highlights of World Expos, and the challenges and developments from the era of the steam engine to the new trendsetting, are presented clearly and easily to readers with simple graphic and informative illustrations.
This EXPO Atlas was selected in the Leipzig Book Fair 2009.
Book layout: Pu Chen
Infographic/charts: Pu Chen
Presentation: Pu Chen
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