Hermann Zapf(赫尔曼·察普夫, 1918年11月8日-2015年6月4日)是位极其勤奋和多产的德国字体设计师。2008年,察普先生 90周岁生日之际,受魏玛包豪斯大学艺术设计学院和魏玛印刷博物馆的委托,策划举办《Hermann Zapf 作品回顾展》,从前期相关史料和文献研究到展示设计中不同媒介形式的布展,另外包括讲座、论坛、出版等配套活动的执行。
From concept to the realization: The exhibition <Schrift-Geschichte(n)> in Weimar summer 2008  honored the work of the internationally known German type designer Hermann Zapf (1918 - 2015) on his 90th birthday.

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An exhibition for the 90th birthday of Hermann Zapf
A life with fonts: Hermann Zapf was undoubtedly one of the most important typographers of the 20th century. The exhibition traced Zapf's extraordinary life through a selection of his work and offers insights into the changes in writing and printing technology. From handwriting and calligraphy to Gutenbergs Revolutionary invention of printing with movable type in the 15th century, up to the predominant printing technologies of the 20th century: machine typesetting with lead letters, photo typesetting from the 1960s to 1980s and the digital typesetting that is still in use today.
Team: Pu Chen, Ralf Herrmann, Cathy Joritz, Franziska Müller
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